Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl Wonder

Girl Wonder is a great choice for any teen that is striving for a fast-paced, interesting book that will keep them from putting it down. This well-written novel contains material that will reassure a reader who is going through hard times in his or her life that there is always hope and to never give up on your dreams.  

Girl Wonder is about a girl named Charlotte Locke that moves to a new state and a new, very different high school. On the very first day, Charlotte faces many changes and new things that she has never seen before. Like many other people around her age, her main wish is to just fit in, which is hard because of her learning disability in math and the fact that she is new. Then, everything changes. When the coolest girl in school becomes friends with Charlotte and opens up the door to popularity for her, Charlotte cannot resist and gets sucked into a world with drugs, smoking, a disloyal boyfriend, and many other life shattering things. Worst of all, her grades are slipping and the next year for her is college. All of these things cause Charlotte to reconsider her actions and work her way back up again. 

The story of this girl and her struggle to get her life back to normal is priceless. The reader of this book will be completely absorbed in Charlotte’s life and how she gets out of sticky situations. Readers that are Charlotte’s age will experience high understanding of her and will feel assured that many other people are feeling the same way as Charlotte. Girl Wonder will touch the hearts of many.

Lin, 12

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