Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Witch's Revenge

The Witch's Revenge starts out as your average good vs. evil book with a little bit of magic thrown in. But when 350-year-old James Montgomery goes missing, the book’s plot takes a few unexpected turns. The Witch’s Revenge mixes the human world with a magical one filled with dragons, unicorns, and a lot of interesting animals like Dodo birds. This book really reminds me of The Rangers Apprentice. It has some tense parts but it's mostly friendly and a delicious read aloud. Just beware it's the second in a series (the first is Dark Isle).

Maia, 9

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Siren's Storm

I absolutely loved Siren's Storm. It’s a fast-paced mystery that never stops twisting and unfolding and I was hooked until the end, literally staying up 2 hours in bed just to finish because I could not put it down. When a new girl named Asia arrives at Will and Gretchen’s small town, strange things start happening: bodies showing up shredded on the shore, people go missing, and some even go insane. But when Will and Gretchen do research they are confused by the complete lack of a record that Asia had. Where did she come from, what is she, and most importantly, what is she hiding? 

Jenna, 14

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sleeper's Moon

The Sleeper's Moon is probably one of the most peculiar books I’ve ever read. It is not dissimilar to The Other Side of the Island in it’s original plot. Most readers who are into this genre will be enchanted, and I quote, by the text on the very first page “They arrived in the usual fashion, emerging in a strange underwater bus from the turbulent pool at the foot of Cambio Falls.” Yes, any story with a main character whose way of concentrating is closing her eyes and opening her ears will entice all readers of this genre. So read it!

Simon, 10

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dust and Decay

Dust and Decay promises to be an exciting novel. While reading it, you will be afraid to turn off the lights at night but will not want to stop reading it. Zombies rule the Rot and Ruin everywhere that is uninhabited. Only small towns are left but even they are not safe. Anyone who dies anyway (even old-age) will come back to attack. the only remaining samurai is Tom Imura who is making his brother and friends samurai, too. They are all zombie hunters and are leaving their safe haven to venture into the unknown to find a single airplane in hopes that somewhere there is civilization. Dust and Decay promises to be bone chilling, murderous, and deadly beautiful.

Katrina, 13

The Cabinet of Earths

The Cabinet of Earths is a mysterious adventure story about the drastic things that can come from combining magic and science. The result is a horribly beautiful cabinet that sucks your "earth" out of you, therefore keeping you from aging and making you immortal. I love the characters, the plot is a little bit hard to understand, but once you get it it's great.

This book is great!

Harry, 10

Friday, August 26, 2011


Nightspell is advertised as a companion novel, but I would recommend reading the other novel Mistwood first. I did not, and found myself slightly confused at some points in the book. Overall, I would say that is was good, but I found that something was lacking. It was a fun read but I haven’t thought of it since, so I would only recommend it if you like fantasy that is fun and light but easily forgettable. 

Jenna, 14

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Invisible Inkling

Invisible Inkling is a book about a bandapat. A bandapat is a naturally invisible creature that needs to eat squash. A boy named Hank discovers him in his family's ice cream store in New York City. They have lots of adventures like when Inkling tries to beat up Hank's bully. I think kids around 7 or 8 will really like this book because it is funny and interesting.

Conrad, 8

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl, by Diane Stanley, author of Saving Sky and Bella At Midnight, is a wonderful fairy tale. Molly is a serving girl with a crazy mother, a mysterious necklace, and a curious heritage, who must use all her strength and cunning to save the royal line from a terrible fate. This book is filled with adventure as well as a curse, a handsome prince, and a magic silver bowl. It will keep readers laughing and they simply won’t want to put it down.

Maddie, 12

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Family Hitchcock

The Hitchcock Family is running out of money, and fast.  So when their family vacation comes up they decide to find a way around it. Instead of traveling, they do a house swap with the Vadim family who live in Paris. But when they get there something seems strange. Everything about the Vadims doesn’t seem to fit together.

As they figure things out, the Hitchcock Family goes on an adventure that all has to do with something that Mr. Vadim has that is called MGF.  I really liked this book and I think you will too.  Find out more by reading The Family Hitchcock.

Samuel, 10

Wolf Storm

Wolf Storm effectively redefined suspense for me. This book was so gripping I read the whole thing in about four hours. I literally couldn’t put the book down. I read it through dinner, I read it while sitting in an orange kayak in my front hall. And I felt so attached to these characters that I was compelled that I would have probably followed them through a blizzard just to read the rest. This book brings you into the world of making a movie, which when paired up unexpectedly with survival in Slovakian mountains, makes such a perfect story.

Simon, 10