Friday, December 31, 2010

Home Is with Our Family

It is the mid 19th century and Maria Peter's life is changing.  Rumor has it that the city is planning to knock down the homes of the free colored men and their families in the New York neighborhood where Maria lives.  Though she is looking forward to her 13th birthday and being treated like an adult, she can't help worrying about what will become of her family if they are forced to leave their home.

Home Is with Our Family has many questions about friendship and doing the right thing, but I think the biggest question is in the title.  Where is home?  Maria is certain that home is her mother's general store and the cozy little home she shares with her parents and siblings, but by the end of the book she knows better.  Home is with the people we love, no matter what happens.  Led by her idol Sojourner Truth, a well-known abolitionist, Maria became a stronger, wiser person and you grow to like her more throughout the book

I recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and a good read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Wini, 11

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sister Mischief

If you are looking for a completely amazing book then look no further! Sister Mischief sucked me in from the beginning; I simply could not put it down. It is about a group of four girls, who are activist hip hoppers, living in the suburbs of Minneapolis. This is a book filled to the brim with great music references and amazing writing. The only thing I did not like was that it was a little hard to understand at first. Everyone who loves music or just a good power-to-women story should definitely read this book. 

Jenna, 14

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gathering

The Gathering tells the story of sixteen-year-old Maya and the strange happenings in her isolated Vancouver Island town. It all starts when her best friend, the captain of the swim team, drowns while swimming in a calm lake. Soon after, the mountain lions, which live in the surrounding forest, start approaching her, and she begins to realize that more than meets the eye is afoot in her town. As she begins to lean more about her friend’s death, she discovers some shocking secrets that may change the way she looks at the world - forever. Action-packed from its first pages, this book is a must-read. Its fantastic story mixed with very real-life characters brings out the best in both fantasy and realistic fiction. This book was easy to relate to because of Maya’s love of nature and wildlife, especially big cats. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a story that will thoroughly invest you in each character, and leave you craving for for the next book.
Sophie, 12

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wishful Thinking

People should read Wishful Thinking purely for reading the end. All electric excitement is drained, gently removed and replaced with quietly intense content. This book has an actual ending for the reader. The author does a magnificent job of writing: Wishes, and magic dresses. Magic manifests in fortifying-ly fragile butterflies. This isn’t a ‘girly’ book though. There is nothing stereotypically feminine about choices, choices which can literally shake lives. Wishful Thinking demonstrates not acceptance of these choices, but friendly combating of them: by living through them, utterly simply and purely.

Dia, 13

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Grave Robber's Secret

The Grave Robber's Secret is an exciting and scary story of a 12-year-old boy named Robert who lives in an Inn run by his mom and dad. One day a man they suspect to be dangerous and his daughter come to stay in one of their rooms. When I read the book it was nearly Halloween and it gave me nightmares! I would recommend it for older kids.

Dante, 8

Friday, December 24, 2010


I read Orchards in one evening! It’s actually not that fast-paced of a book though: The plot is casual, but intense; it has a way of gripping you, and giving a slow obsession to your mind. The book is written in verse, so points are distinct, and certain words really have a jagged quality when put solitary onto a page. It spikes into your heart, and you only realize that at the moment it happens. People actually die in this book; people actually laugh in this book. It shows you just how human extreme emotions can be.

Dia, 13

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Siren's Storm

Siren's Storm is really good, a really good page-turner. Throughout the story, when I kept on thinking what is Asia really? I kept on thinking she was some sort of wizard or something. Then, when Asia finally said who she really was, my jaw dropped. And the story was put in such a way that you might actually believe that there are mermaids living among us. The only flaw I found was that the voice of the story made the story seem like it was about 12-year olds instead of about 17-year olds.

Inez, 13

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Petal Pushers: Too Many Blooms

I liked Petal Pushers: Too Many Blooms a lot. I liked the part about the wedding. I could picture so many flowers. I didn't like the part that Del's grandparents aren't going to come back home anymore. I would definitely recommend this to my friends who like to read realistic fiction. I really enjoyed this book!

Fatima, 11

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Demonglass, written by Rachel Hawkins, was a fantasy novel about a girl (well, demon), Sophie Mercer. Sophie has gone through a lot, from having her crush, Archer Cross, turn out to be an agent for The Eye ( a group trying to rid the witches, shape-shifters, fairies, etc. ) to watching her great-grandmother, Alice kill her friend, Elodie. 

Sophie’s father has requested that she stay with him over the summer in England, for a chance to rethink going through The Removal. The Removal is the process in which your powers are removed from you. Sophie wants to do this, because she doesn’t want to hurt anybody like Alice had. However, when you go through The Removal there is a chance of being killed, which is why Sophie’s father wanted to change her mind. Most girls would love to have super-natural powers, but Sophie doesn’t seem to want them. 

Sophie then discovered that she was betrothed to her friend Cal. She does not want to marry him, because she is in love with Archer. Things get a bit awkward between the two of them. Sophie decides that she won’t get married to Cal, or they will get divorced right after. Cal agrees, although it was fairly obvious that he likes her and is just to shy to say anything. I quite like love triangles in books, such as Twilight. If there wasn’t any love element in this book, it would be quite dull I think.

Sophie arrives in England, along with Cal and Jenna ( her nice, fun vampire friend ). She is amazed at how huge Thorne Abbey (where they are staying ) is. It turns out that there are other demons in the world, other than her and her father. Sophie begins learning about demon history along with learning about the other demons. The two other demons had no memory of their lives before they were about twelve. One of them had been attacked with Demonglass, just like Sophie.
Demonglass is the only way that demons can really be killed. If you have been attacked by it and have lived, you will have a purple scar wherever you had been attacked.
Sophie, Jenna, Nick and Daisy ( Nick and Daisy are the two other demons) go to a bar in London, only to be attacked by The Eye. Of course, Archer Cross was there. Sophie runs into him, and he gives her a coin that he tells her to keep so he can meet up with her. Being wildly in love with him, she does.
 The next day, Sophie’s dad starts showing her how to use her powers. Sophie usually can’t control them very well. Her dad asked her to break one mirror, and the entire room of mirrors came crashing down. Her dad tells her to think about one strong human emotion, maybe a memory. (Isn’t that the answer to everything in books?) Sophie then quickly learns to control her powers.
Sophie has a birthday party, against her will it seems. Archer was hiding there, and he tells Sophie to meet him later. Archer shows her a section of a forest that looks like a meteor ad crashed there. It was full of dark magic. Archer says that somebody is raising demons. Ghouls then climb out of the pit, and Sophie has to use her powers to kill them and save Archer. I think Archer should have been a bit more manly, he has a lot of fighting skills but not much other than that.
They get back, seemingly unharmed, and then begin to make out. I thought this part really didn’t add anything to the book. Love is good for a book, but this was really just a soppy love scene. Archer then leaves and Sophie goes back to Thorne Abbey.
The next morning, Daisy lost control. Just like Alice, she attempted to kill somebody. She tried to attack Sophie. Luckily, she never actually hurt Sophie, but the attempt obviously scared a lot of people.
Elodie’s ghost leaves a message for Sophie, saying that Archer was at Mill Nick.  Sophie rushes over to see Archer lying on the ground in blood. She gets Cal (who has healing powers) to save him. Sophie turns around, and she sees her dad and other members of the Council standing there. Archer is wanted dead by all of them, and Sophie is in big trouble.
Sophie and her dad have to got through The Removal as a sentence. (Sophie’s dad tried to save Sophie, but only ended up getting himself into the problem) Archer is sentenced to death.
As you can tell, there will no doubt be a sequel to Demonglass, otherwise we would never find out what happens! All in all, Demonglass was an excellent book and I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

Molly, 12

Monday, December 20, 2010


Her whole life Ellie has been plagued by vivid reoccurring nightmares. In the week before her seventeenth birthday she meets a mysterious stranger, calling himself Will. Who is he and where is he from? Courtney Allison Moulton has created a witty novel, compelling the reader to finish each chapter. If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Mortal Instruments I would definitely recommend Angelfire.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Desires of the Dead

Desires of the Dead is about a girl named Violet who hears dead people’s auras. This means that she is constantly getting dragged into all kinds of mysteries. I really enjoyed this bo0ok, it dragged me into it and didn’t let go. It was filled with suspense, romance and teen angst and I would recommend it to people who like murder mysteries.  

Jenna, 14

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A True Princess

I loved A True Princess because it had an amazing plot and structure. Lilia had to break a spell put over her friend Kai, who was captured by the Elf-King. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. This book was a very fast read. And A True Princess was similar to the Princess and the Pea, but a lot less like a fairytale. I could read it over and over again. This is an amazing book of mystery and runaways! 

Chloe, 11

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Smile for the Camera (2nd Review)

I liked Smile for the Camera a lot. It's about a girl at the age of sixteen who runs away from her home to New York City to hopefully become a model. We quickly learn about her abusive childhood.  This book is definitely for ages 14 and has mature content. It's not a book for the weak-hearted. It's a story about adventure, love, friendship and finding where you belong. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes memoirs or realistic fiction.

Hannah, 14

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger

Hordes of obsessed fans will be flocking to the shelves of bookstores everywhere to read the third book in the Emily the Strange series, and for a good reason. If you are not one of these fans already you should be. these darkly humorous books are not to be overlooked.

Dunzton. Another town, another (avoided) school year of thwarting teachers and school staff. But this year, they are her mother and her ghostly aunt. Just when it starts to look like Emily might have a interesting school year for once, she is sent back to the 18th century by one of her insane inventions, the T.O.M (time out machine). When her only ancor to the current time is lost, Emily must learn to live with the 1790s, even if it means corsets and lacy bonnets. Just as she almost loses hope that she will ever return to her time, she discovers the ancestral secrets of the mysterious "dark aunts", the insanely useful black rock, and her ancestral enemy, Attikol.

Full of hilarious top thirteen lists, scratchy drawings and footnotes, this funny, if slightly morbid, book is great for teen readers with a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, Edward Gory fans, and all around quirky and awesome people.

Mattie, 12

Monday, December 13, 2010


I thought SkateFate was an interesting book. It is written in poems, so although the vocabulary is simple, to make sense of it you must have an open mind.

It is all about a kid whose father is in Iraq, but he was in a bad accident and now he is in a wheelchair. It tells of how he goes through rehab and learns to skateboard again.

John, 13

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Familiars

The Familiars is about a cat named Aldwyn who goes into a familiars shop and gets picked by Jack. Jack is an apprentice wizard who just turned ten so he's getting a familiar as his birthday present. When Aldwyn and Jack go back to the place Aldwyn meets two other familiars, which which are a blue jay named Skyler and a toad named Gilbert who also have apprentices. When the apprentices get captured, the familiars have to go on an adventure to save them. 

I liked The Familiars because it's funny and has animals as its main characters. You should get The Familiars if you are 8-12 and like fiction books. 

Tobit, 9

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prisoners in the Palace

Prisoners in the Palace was a very interesting book. It kept me engaged and wanting to read more. The drama of the book made me think a lot and the ending was very suspenseful. This book is similar to The Luxe series because it is a drama taking place in history. I did not like the fact that the conflict showed up late in the book. I think this would be a great book to add to the bookstore shelf.

Olga, 13

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

President of the Whole Fifth Grade

Brianna really wants to be a professional cupcake baker and have her own T.V. show. Her hero, Miss Delicious, who is from Brianna's home town and attended Brianna's school, visited Brianna's fourth grade class last year. Miss Delicious said she didn't think she could have been so successful as she was if she hadn't gotten elected president of the fifth grade. After hearing that, Brianna's full obsession is becoming president of the fifth grade. She thinks it will be easy, considering that she's known most of the kids in her class since kindergarten. But then Jasmine Moon comes along and brings her foolishness with her. I like this book because it has cupcake recipes and it's realistic and seems like it actually could happen. I would recommend President of the Whole Fifth Grade to anyone who likes cupcakes or realistic fiction.

Meredith, 9

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


By the same author of A Curse As Dark As Gold, Starcrossed is exciting, action-packed, and full of thrilling mysteries.

Digger, a thief, is chased by the Greenmen, the secret police of an evil king. On the run, she is rescued by a bunch of nobles. She begins her new life with nobility, but is still haunted by the loss of her partner. Then she meets someone who threatens to reveal her past, is caught up in a conspiracy, and discovers a secret punishable by death: magic!

This book is a great blend of action, mystery, and romance. It is a must read for Tamora Pierce fans. Its spunky heroine reminds me of Allana or Keladry.

Mattie, 12

Monday, December 6, 2010


When Jacinda is taken from her home to avoid a terrible punishement, she is brought to the middle of a desert to hide. But this place turns even more dangerous than the last when Jacinda meets Will. He and his cousins are hunters, sworn enemies of Jacinda's family. For Jacinda is draki, an ancient dragon-like myth. Jacinda must make a choice between love and loyalty, and in the end, a decision that may bring the draki down.

Firelight, a supernatural tale of passion and fire, is a sure read for fans of Twilight and The Hunger Games

Sasha, 11

Keepers of the School: Fear Itself (2nd Review)

Fear Itself is about a group of kids who make new friends and the story shows how  each of them are afraid of something.  You learn interesting words like “Scelerophobia.”

I liked that it was somewhat funny. My favorite funny part is that Theo (one of the main characters) is afraid of cars, and he gets really scared in a car.

I didn’t like when Celery wanted private time with Hihy because I don’t like dating stories.  At least they didn’t kiss or anything.

 It wasn’t that interesting. There wasn’t enough action.  There wasn’t any mystery or danger and I like those kinds of stories.  

It does not have a table of contents!  That stinks.  If you lose your place, you have a hard time finding where you were if you can’t look at the chapter title and page.

Sophie, 8

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Crack in the Sky

Who would ever think Eli Papadopoulos would be El Guia, a shadowy figure that is accompanied by Marilyn, a mongoose with a chip in her brain that gives her great power such as hacking into Cloudnet Spheres. That the company was trying to hide that Foggers aren't killers and that natural disasters kill the people in the domes. A Crack in the Sky is one of the best books I've ever read. The type of book that after you read it will change the way you see the world. It's another reason to why knowledge is power. A more realistic way of how the end of the world would happen. I loved how you would've never suspected Eli's parents were a major part of the Friends of Gustavo but why hadn't Gustavo told Eli that or had Gustavo not known. Lastly, I loved the line 'a single thread of reality can be hard to distinguish in a complex fabric of illusion' because this line was like directions for him and guidance for him throughout the story. Thank You! :) 
Jwahir, 13


If you are looking for a light romance novel than look no further. Unearthly is very fast paced and fun, it grabbed me right at the beginning and didn’t let me go. It is about a girl named Clara who is ¼ angel, and is trying to discover what her purpose is on earth. But things get even worse when it becomes clear that is has something to do with one of the hottest guys in her class. I would suggest this for people who like fantasy.

Jenna, 14

The Piper's Son

I really loved The Piper's Son though I would recommend you read the companion novel Saving Francesca first (I did not read it and was slightly confused in the beginning.) I really love this author, who as well as writing Saving Francesca has also written Jellicoe Road. It is about a boy named Tom who is struggling to find himself and come to terms with what is happening in his family. I would recommend it for people who like realistic fiction or good books.

Jenna, 14

Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance

Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance is about the stars of a tween sit com called Jenna and Jonah’s how to be a rock star. And to keep the ratings up Jenna (really named Charlie) and Jonah (called Fielding but who’s real name is Aaron) must pretend to be in love, both on screen and off. That is until something disastrous happens and they are on the run from the paparazzi. Then they might not be pretending anymore. I loved this book, not only was it a very light read it was funny. I would recommended it to people who like chick flicks.

Jenna, 14

Fixing Delilah

Fixing Delilah Hannaford is a story about family. Delilah’s family has always had secrets her mother refuses to tell. That is until her grandmother dies and Delilah is dragged from her home in Pennsylvania up to Vermont. Coming home to the house of her childhood has a toll on her mother as well, who spends most of the days there figuring out how soon they can sell the house and she can get away from the memory of her sister Stephanie who died there when she was only nineteen. When Delilah finds her Aunt Stephanie’s diary she slowly comes to understand the importance of family, and that everything may not be what it seems. I would defiantly recommend this book, I absolutely loved it. The relationships between the family members was very real and at some points very sad, but that really only added to the charm of the book, and the message. That family is not something to throw away but to cherish, because you never know when they might leave you, or what kind of questions they will leave behind.

Jenna, 14

Moon Over Manifest

I found Moon Over Manifest to be a moving story that is beautifully told.  It is about a young girl who has arrived in a small town in Kansas in the 1930’s.  Her story is interwoven with a mystery she is trying to solve about two boys who lived in the town in 1917.  There are many wonderful characters, all of which you come to care about, who connect these two fascinating eras.  It is thought provoking and intriguing.  I think it is one of the best new books I have read in a long time and I highly recommend it!

Jacob, 13


I enjoyed Fallout because it was a fairly quick read. The book has a very thick plot with many exciting moments. One thing I liked especially about Fallout was teh character splits. I like the character splits becauzse they let you see things from more than one person's perspective. One thing I disliked about the character splits was that if you weren't paying extreme attention to the text adn then you miss a split, you end up very confused. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes  a good poetic read.

Aaron, 13

The Trouble with Chickens

The Trouble with Chickens is very funny and exciting. I would recommend it to someone who likes a good laugh. I t is an easy reader though highly intersting. I think it would be most enjoyed by kids ages 7-12.

Dante, 8

President of the Whole Fifth Grade (2nd Review)

President of the Whole Fifth Grade is about a girl who is running for 5th grade president while working as a cupcake baker. I kept reading because I wanted to find out if she was going to win the election. There are lots of twists and turns in the story. The main character, Brianna, learns that money is not the most important thing in the world. I recommend this book to 3rd graders and up.

Emily, 9

Vesper (3rd Review)

Vesper is quite the interesting novel. At first I was not grabbed by the story, but as it progressed, I became intrigued. The story centers around a girl named Emily Webb, a girl who has never done anything bad in her entire life; yet, the first night she acts out of character, another girl is killed, a girl who is also named Emily. The Emily who is still alive begins to wonder what is happening, as do the readers. Why is she suddenly different? Why are more people ending up dead? Most of all: is she even human anymore?

Emily, 16

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Father of Lies

If you are interested in historical fiction books, with a twist, Father of Lies is the book for you. Its a major page turner of wanting to find out what happens next with Lidda Johnson, the main character, whom is living in a very scary and pressuring time period in the 1600, the time of the Salem Witch trails. The book is about her difficult journeys through this rough time with a disease that is very unknown back then, and her learning some very dangerous secrets. These secrets and her thoughts lead her to be the only one in the town that has different opinions on all the trails there supposed witches. You also meet real life figures and learn some very interesting and spine tingling facts about the Salem Witch Trails. The book leaves it up to you in one big question, was it all truth or all lies? I would highly recommend this book if you are in for some exciting knowledge.

Rosa, 12

Small Acts of Amazing Courage

Small Acts of Amazing Courage had too much war in it because it was World War I. So this girl’s brother is dead and her father is in war, so they want to send her to live with her aunty and get proper English. I don’t like too much war.

Toulu, 10


Tempestuous is a really great book. It’s the perfect book for any fantasy lover! Kelley is a wondrous character on a mystical journey! You should definitely order for your store.

Katrina, 13

Boyfriends with Girlfriends

Boyfriends with girlfriends by Alex Sanchez is a romantic, realistic fiction and enjoyable fairly quick read. It is all about finding yourself and expressing who you are. Sergio is bisexual but has only ever dated girls also his heart has never fully recovered from the severe breakup with his ex girl friend Zelda. His best friend Kimiko is openly gay to everyone except her traditional parents and has never been in a relationship she frets she never will. Lance has known he was gay ever since he was born so does everyone else. The only relationship he has ever been in was with Darrell was afraid to come out and be who he was. Allie his best friend has never doubted her sexuality but when she meets Kimiko she doesn’t know who she is anymore. I really enjoyed this tremendous book, I highly recommend it.  It was definitely one of my all time favorites!

Sophie, 11

Vesper (2nd Review)

I really enjoyed reading Vesper by Jeff Sampson. The beginning really hooks the reader in, and I finished it so fast because I never wanted to put the book down. I would recommend this book for readers who like fantasy, mystery, and creepy elements in books. This book is about a girl who isn’t very outgoing, but all of a sudden in the middle of the night, she feels like she wants to go to go to parties, do dangerous activities, and basically be reckless. But, in the morning she is feeling like her regular self again. She does not know why this is happening, and this book explores the causes and effects of this sudden personality change. 

Lucia, 13

Friday, December 3, 2010


Rival is about two girls, Brooke and Kathryn, who used to be best friends but now hate each other for some reason that is not revealed until the end of the book. I found this book to be a little slow for my taste; I was not truly grabbed by the plot until the end. I also did not find the characters very likable, which really turned me off the book. I would suggest it for people who like realistic fiction.

Jenna, 14 

When Life Gives You O.J.

I really think you should read When Life Gives You O.J. by Erica S. Perl. I think you should read it because it tells you that if you want a  pet this is the book. At first, you may think it is one of those boring pet books, but it isn’t. This book is a combination of pets and orange bottles. This book is about a girl named Zelly who wants a pet so much that she made a deal with Grandpa Ace. Her grandpa gave her a dog made out of an orange juice can. She had to walk it, feed it, and clean its poop. There are many problems in this book. One is that her best friend Allie is going on a camp and Zelly wants to follow, but her mom and dad say no. In this book her grandpa uses other languages to speak to Zelly and her Grandpa Ace loves her more than her.

Ifeoluwa, 8


Dark Goddess (2nd Review)

I think Dark Goddess is really good. Every sentence is vivid, and you can tell what is happening every minute. On every single page, it seems like some action is happening. But, the ending seems to be the most gripping of all. It just stops suddenly, like one minute you are reading, and the next you see it’s the end. You don’t even see it coming. I recommend this book to people who love reading action, adventure, and fantasy, especially those who love Halloween stuff like vampires and werewolves. I hope this book has a sequel, otherwise I’ll be disappointed.

Inez, 13 

Prom and Prejudice

My review for the book Prom and Prejudice is an amazing story about the stereotypes of rich and average people. It shows the different ways that people are treated because of their belongings and money. It is an amazing story that is great for young teens about how there are so many things covering the important things in a person but when you get close to a person you can see through the specifics covering the inside. I love this story and if I had the choice I would read it again.

Chiaki, 12 

The Miracle Stealer

The Miracle Stealer was eerie, but not in a way that made me excited to find out the ending. The plot had serious potential, but it was executed in a way that I didn't find myself drawn to. Parts of the book made my skin crawl, but not (if there is such a thing) in a desirable way. The power to evoke such strong feelings is definitely a special skill to have, but the way author Neil Connolly did so was not something I enjoyed. To be fair, I'm sure my disinterest for the story is related to a specific aspect of my life, namely that I attend a Catholic school and found the religious overtones in The Miracle Stealer too preachy, possibly because there is a lot of preaching at school. I’m sure that enjoying The Miracle Stealer is far from impossible.

Orly, 13 

Love, Inc.

The book Love, Inc. by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout caught my attention in the first sentence. In the book, Zahra, a tenth grader, is three-timed by a guy and then meets the other girls. They start off their friendship by getting revenge on the guy who hurt them, and then open up a business to help people meet someone new, break up with someone, or get revenge. Everything seems to be going smoothly until small things change which result in large consequences. In the end, they work it all out, and their lives become a little more normal then when they started out. Anyone reading it can easily relate to how the characters are feeling at any point and can understand the decisions they make. In each chapter, you delve a little bit deeper into the characters and by the end you feel their pain, happiness, and love.

Celia, 13 

Plain Kate

Plain Kate is a book of suspense and magic, and I would recommend it to adventure and fantasy-lovers. This book is about a young teen woodcarver, who is thought to be a witch in one of the worst times to be one. She runs away after her father dies and is cursed by a real witch, and she and her talking cat join a gypsy caravan, where she is pulled into a large adventure. I personally enjoyed the theme of love during witch hunts, but this book is definitely NOT a romance. Plain Kate is a historical fiction novel, because it is based on the witch hunts in old Russia. This book is similar to the Hunger Games and the books by Rick Riordan because of the suspense and the fantasy structure. In all, while reading Plain Kate, you'll enter a whole different world of witchcraft and misery, but find love between the characters besides.

Rebecca, 13 

The Steps Across the Water

The Steps Across the Water recounts the adventures of Rose, a ten-year-old girl,who discovers the city of U Nork, a massive metropolis similar to New York, but with all that city’s qualities magnified. U Nork is a fast paced and wild world that is in danger because of a greedy Ice Queen and Rose is called there to save the city. This is a creative story that will be especially enjoyable for those familiar with New York as well as those who simply love discovering new fantasy worlds.

Jacob, 13 

Half Brother

From the author of the Silverwing trilogy and Airborne, Half Brother is a compelling and thought provoking book. When 13-year old Ben leaves his old home, friends, and school behind to work on an experiment that his father, a behavioral scientist, is researching, he is apprehensive at first. His father is interested in whether a chimpanzee can learn language. To find out he adopts a baby chimpanzee, and tells Ben to treat it like a little brother. While dealing with a new school, new home, new girlfriend, and adolescence, Ben must also deal with a mischievous chimpanzee, Zan. As the project progresses, Ben begins to see Zan as a real little brother. Then, when everything that Ben cares about is put into jeopardy, it all becomes a question of how far they are willing to take the experiment.  This well told, tear-jerking book challenges the thin line between human and animal. It a great book for the teenage animal lover crowd.

Mattie, 12