Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Fresh Ink

In August of 2010, Porter Square Books, an independent bookstore in Cambridge, MA, launched a program where young readers from the ages of 7-17 review books before they are published. We call this program Fresh Ink

At the beginning, the plan was to host all of the reviews (whether good or bad) on the PSB website, and select a few of these to use as shelf-talkers in the store. However, because of the amazing response from our young readers, we've already outgrown the website.

Which is why we've started Fresh Ink: the Blog.

As we get settled into our new virtual digs, you'll notice all of the reviews from the PSB website matriculate here to the blog. Moving forward, we'll post all of our reviews to the blog as soon as they come in. And boy, do they ever come in. Since we launched Fresh Ink just four months ago, we've averaged a review a day. 

I hope you enjoy Fresh Ink as much as we have. Thanks for stopping by.

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