Monday, May 9, 2011


Divergent is a masterpiece, painted by one of the most skilled of artists, which depicts a possible future for our society. I loved this book, and it was one of the only books that has ever made me cry.

Divergent really emphasizes the choice that decides the rest of your life, how difficult that can be, and how those who are indecisive pay the price.

Imagine having five different life paths laid out before you. Five different moral values, five different hardships, five different homes. There will probably be one or two you rule out pretty fast that have never appealed to you much. There will probably be one you have some sort of grudge against, for some reason or other, some past grievance, some unfinished feud. There may be one that tantalizes you, that grabs your attention and holds it . . . holds it. There will be the one you came from, where you may or may not have always fit in. However much your family wants you to stay, however much they’ll feel betrayed if—and when—you go; but they’re not what matters; or haven’t you heard? It’s faction before blood, faction before heart, faction before anything else, here in the world of Divergent.

Diane, 13

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