Monday, May 30, 2011

Ashes, Ashes

Ashes, Ashes takes place in the future, when many parts of the world have changed due to flooding. Lucy lives in New York, which has been renamed New Venice because of the water that floods the streets each year. Then the plague hits and ninety-nine percent of people are killed. Only a few who have been vaccinated survive. Yet Lucy has lived through the plague, though she has not been vaccinated and the rest of her family died of the illness. She lives alone in Central Park for a year, surviving by eating wildlife. She meets Aidan, who helps her join a group of people who survived the plague. However, this group is shrinking due to kidnappings by Sweepers, who work for a mysterious place called the Hospital. Lucy and Aidan must work to save their friends.

I enjoyed Ashes, Ashes - the setting seemed like it could be possible in our future. However, I thought that the plot moved too quickly at some times, and too slowly at others. I would recommend Ashes, Ashes to people who like to read books with slightly apocalyptic settings.

Sophie, 13

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