Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In Scored, sometime in the near future, cameras monitor your every move and then, using advanced software, give you a score. A score above 90 will get you a full college scholarship, whereas below 75 will mean a difficult time finding a job.
Imani LeMonde, a 92, is two months away from her graduation, but suddenly her score drops to a 64. She had violated the top rule of fitness, peer group. Her best friend Cady was a 71 and dropping quickly. And to make it worse, Diego Landis, an unscored, wants to collaborate with Imani on a scholarship essay. Will she go with the choices that don’t harm her score?
This book was mediocre. It spent too much time focusing on Imani and Diego insulting each other (overblown twit, clamdiggah, You need a thesaurus.) and Imani’s score issues. Also, the end was unsatisfying. I would recommend this book to teens with too much time on their hands.

Alice, 10

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