Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't Expect Magic

In Don't Expect Magic, Delaney Collins is a pessimistic fifteen year old whose mother died. She moves to sunny California from New Jersey, where she has to stay with a father whom she barely knows. The blue sky and everyone's sunny attitude just doesn't work for Delaney.

The story unfolds with even more exciting events. Delaney finds out that she is a fairy godmother. She sets off on a quest to help her client get his wish, dating Catie Perez. Soon, though, Delaney finds out her client didn't actually like Cadie. He likes her! Meanwhile, Delaney bonds with her dad, and she begins to enjoy life in California. 

This wonderful story was written well by the author, Kathy McCullough, a great blend of realistic fiction and a bit of fantasy, and I recommend it to anyone who likes these genres. Don't Expect Magic is great for summer reading.

Mei-Mei, 11

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