Friday, September 23, 2011


I loved Glow. The first chapter had me absorbed in the book until I couldn’t put it down!  As one of my now most favorite books, Glow will have many other future readers attached until the very end. The characters, scrumptious plot, and fast-paced events in this book have made it altogether irresistable. 

The story is of two young lovers that are aboard a huge spaceship on their way to New Earth. The couple suffers separation when another ship just like it kidnaps the girl (Waverly) along with many other girls aboard her ship onto the other ship because they are in need of more of them, leaving Waverly’s home ship, parents, friends, and everything she knew behind. Meanwhile, the ship holding Waverly and the other girls captive, try to destroy her home ship killing most of the adults and leaving the rest of the adults sick and dying so that the kids must fend for themselves. Waverly’s boyfriend Kieran must now take over as captain while dealing with rage that is starting on his own ship as well as trying to get the kidnapped girls back from the enemy ship.

Readers will have their eyes glued to the pages of this book to see what happens between the two ships and within them. This fascinating read will captivate many!

Lin, 12

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