Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

In The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Princess Luerco-Elisa de Riqueza is getting married to the handsome king Alejandro. ‘Why not Juana-Alodia?’ the obese princess wonders, referring to her older, prettier, much more athletic, and better suited for ruling sister. The only obvious answer is the Godstone lodged in her belly button. (That and the fact that her father promised Alejandro troops in the war they are both fighting against the Inviernos.) Elisa is a bearer, one chosen by God to perform a great deed. A bearer is chosen only once every 100 years, so she knows she is special, even of she is embarrassed by her size. As Alejandro whisks her away, he tells her that in his country, he is keeping their marriage a secret, and that anyway; he wants not a wife in her, but a friend. When the party runs in to trouble in the jungle, it leaves them all wondering. Elisa must overcome her secret fear, and discover her true calling, making friends and enemies in her journey to find faith in God, and in herself. 

Zoe, 11

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