Monday, November 29, 2010

Walls Within Walls

Walls Within Walls is a mystery with three young heroes: CJ, a rowdy 12-year-old boy; Brid, a thoughtful 9-year-old girl; and Patrick, a creative, dyslexic 6-year-old boy, who always wants to tag along. The somewhat unoriginal plot drags them through Manhattan, looking for clues left behind by millionaire Lyon Post that will lead to artifacts worth millions. A good amount of the clues are actually hidden within their own home, the former Post residence. The children are led by the 80-year old daughter of the millionaire, Eloise Post, for whom the puzzle was meant. She uses fond memories of? her father to tell which clues are right and which clues are wrong. A good novel for those who are entering the world of more adult mysteries.
Gabe, 12

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