Monday, November 29, 2010

Jane (2nd Review)

I read Jane Eyre before when I was younger, the children’s version, and then part of the adult version. Jane is quite similar to the basis of Jane Eyre with a modern twist. The story plot is generally the same although the characters, events, character traits and descriptions are modernized. I liked how it was in a way the teen version of Jane Eyre. It has the same plot and more advanced ideas yet it was not the simple version of the children version of Jane Eyre. The only negative comment I would say about it is that it is extremely similar to Jane Eyre, just restructured to fit the time period. I would say that one confusing point in the story is that there, as in Jane Eyre, the main protagonist other than Jane Moore is that Nico Rathburn has been married to another woman and is now making his comeback. The woman he refers to as his former wife is also Maddy’s mother. Overall I would rate this book a 7.5-8 out of 10! 

Leela, 14 

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