Wednesday, December 8, 2010

President of the Whole Fifth Grade

Brianna really wants to be a professional cupcake baker and have her own T.V. show. Her hero, Miss Delicious, who is from Brianna's home town and attended Brianna's school, visited Brianna's fourth grade class last year. Miss Delicious said she didn't think she could have been so successful as she was if she hadn't gotten elected president of the fifth grade. After hearing that, Brianna's full obsession is becoming president of the fifth grade. She thinks it will be easy, considering that she's known most of the kids in her class since kindergarten. But then Jasmine Moon comes along and brings her foolishness with her. I like this book because it has cupcake recipes and it's realistic and seems like it actually could happen. I would recommend President of the Whole Fifth Grade to anyone who likes cupcakes or realistic fiction.

Meredith, 9

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