Saturday, December 4, 2010

Father of Lies

If you are interested in historical fiction books, with a twist, Father of Lies is the book for you. Its a major page turner of wanting to find out what happens next with Lidda Johnson, the main character, whom is living in a very scary and pressuring time period in the 1600, the time of the Salem Witch trails. The book is about her difficult journeys through this rough time with a disease that is very unknown back then, and her learning some very dangerous secrets. These secrets and her thoughts lead her to be the only one in the town that has different opinions on all the trails there supposed witches. You also meet real life figures and learn some very interesting and spine tingling facts about the Salem Witch Trails. The book leaves it up to you in one big question, was it all truth or all lies? I would highly recommend this book if you are in for some exciting knowledge.

Rosa, 12

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