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Demonglass, written by Rachel Hawkins, was a fantasy novel about a girl (well, demon), Sophie Mercer. Sophie has gone through a lot, from having her crush, Archer Cross, turn out to be an agent for The Eye ( a group trying to rid the witches, shape-shifters, fairies, etc. ) to watching her great-grandmother, Alice kill her friend, Elodie. 

Sophie’s father has requested that she stay with him over the summer in England, for a chance to rethink going through The Removal. The Removal is the process in which your powers are removed from you. Sophie wants to do this, because she doesn’t want to hurt anybody like Alice had. However, when you go through The Removal there is a chance of being killed, which is why Sophie’s father wanted to change her mind. Most girls would love to have super-natural powers, but Sophie doesn’t seem to want them. 

Sophie then discovered that she was betrothed to her friend Cal. She does not want to marry him, because she is in love with Archer. Things get a bit awkward between the two of them. Sophie decides that she won’t get married to Cal, or they will get divorced right after. Cal agrees, although it was fairly obvious that he likes her and is just to shy to say anything. I quite like love triangles in books, such as Twilight. If there wasn’t any love element in this book, it would be quite dull I think.

Sophie arrives in England, along with Cal and Jenna ( her nice, fun vampire friend ). She is amazed at how huge Thorne Abbey (where they are staying ) is. It turns out that there are other demons in the world, other than her and her father. Sophie begins learning about demon history along with learning about the other demons. The two other demons had no memory of their lives before they were about twelve. One of them had been attacked with Demonglass, just like Sophie.
Demonglass is the only way that demons can really be killed. If you have been attacked by it and have lived, you will have a purple scar wherever you had been attacked.
Sophie, Jenna, Nick and Daisy ( Nick and Daisy are the two other demons) go to a bar in London, only to be attacked by The Eye. Of course, Archer Cross was there. Sophie runs into him, and he gives her a coin that he tells her to keep so he can meet up with her. Being wildly in love with him, she does.
 The next day, Sophie’s dad starts showing her how to use her powers. Sophie usually can’t control them very well. Her dad asked her to break one mirror, and the entire room of mirrors came crashing down. Her dad tells her to think about one strong human emotion, maybe a memory. (Isn’t that the answer to everything in books?) Sophie then quickly learns to control her powers.
Sophie has a birthday party, against her will it seems. Archer was hiding there, and he tells Sophie to meet him later. Archer shows her a section of a forest that looks like a meteor ad crashed there. It was full of dark magic. Archer says that somebody is raising demons. Ghouls then climb out of the pit, and Sophie has to use her powers to kill them and save Archer. I think Archer should have been a bit more manly, he has a lot of fighting skills but not much other than that.
They get back, seemingly unharmed, and then begin to make out. I thought this part really didn’t add anything to the book. Love is good for a book, but this was really just a soppy love scene. Archer then leaves and Sophie goes back to Thorne Abbey.
The next morning, Daisy lost control. Just like Alice, she attempted to kill somebody. She tried to attack Sophie. Luckily, she never actually hurt Sophie, but the attempt obviously scared a lot of people.
Elodie’s ghost leaves a message for Sophie, saying that Archer was at Mill Nick.  Sophie rushes over to see Archer lying on the ground in blood. She gets Cal (who has healing powers) to save him. Sophie turns around, and she sees her dad and other members of the Council standing there. Archer is wanted dead by all of them, and Sophie is in big trouble.
Sophie and her dad have to got through The Removal as a sentence. (Sophie’s dad tried to save Sophie, but only ended up getting himself into the problem) Archer is sentenced to death.
As you can tell, there will no doubt be a sequel to Demonglass, otherwise we would never find out what happens! All in all, Demonglass was an excellent book and I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

Molly, 12

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