Friday, December 3, 2010

Plain Kate

Plain Kate is a book of suspense and magic, and I would recommend it to adventure and fantasy-lovers. This book is about a young teen woodcarver, who is thought to be a witch in one of the worst times to be one. She runs away after her father dies and is cursed by a real witch, and she and her talking cat join a gypsy caravan, where she is pulled into a large adventure. I personally enjoyed the theme of love during witch hunts, but this book is definitely NOT a romance. Plain Kate is a historical fiction novel, because it is based on the witch hunts in old Russia. This book is similar to the Hunger Games and the books by Rick Riordan because of the suspense and the fantasy structure. In all, while reading Plain Kate, you'll enter a whole different world of witchcraft and misery, but find love between the characters besides.

Rebecca, 13 

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