Monday, December 6, 2010

Keepers of the School: Fear Itself (2nd Review)

Fear Itself is about a group of kids who make new friends and the story shows how  each of them are afraid of something.  You learn interesting words like “Scelerophobia.”

I liked that it was somewhat funny. My favorite funny part is that Theo (one of the main characters) is afraid of cars, and he gets really scared in a car.

I didn’t like when Celery wanted private time with Hihy because I don’t like dating stories.  At least they didn’t kiss or anything.

 It wasn’t that interesting. There wasn’t enough action.  There wasn’t any mystery or danger and I like those kinds of stories.  

It does not have a table of contents!  That stinks.  If you lose your place, you have a hard time finding where you were if you can’t look at the chapter title and page.

Sophie, 8

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