Monday, January 2, 2012

Warriors of the Black Shroud

Walker is an ordinary boy from the outer world, in other words, our world.  He was born with a strange star mark on his cheek.  At first he didn't like it, but then a boy from the underworld comes to tell him that the star might just be the marking of a king.  The boy takes him to a place in the underworld called Nebula where people need no food or water.  They have a ball of light called "the source" and every living thing glows.  Before Walker can decide if he wants to be king or not an old enemy of Nebula - The Back Count - attacks!  What should Walker do?  Should he stay and defend the kingdom or should he retreat to his own world? Warriors of the Black Shroud kept me turning the pages, but I didn't feel any emotions about what happened.

Ty,  9

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  1. Ty - great honest review. We love seeing your new posts on Fresh Ink. Please keep up the good work. You are the "Siskel and Ebert" of Fresh Ink! Bruce