Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Try Not to Breathe

Ryan wants to die. He already tried to kill himself once, and life just doesn't seem worth living. In walks a girl who is wounded by the loss of her father, and their love blossoms. Seems like a pretty stereo-typical plot, and for the most part, it is. But something about Try Not to Breathe made me enjoy it. I think it was the fact that the characters are just so likable. You want to help Ryan, and to see him and this girl fall in love. You want everything to turn out like a fairytale. It had its own kind of charm. 

However, the back of the book describes it as being like Thirteen Reasons Why and I think that is a very bad description, and it gives the wrong idea. It reminded me a lot of Free Fall by Mindi Scott. I would recommend it if you like that book, or if you like romance.

Jenna, 15

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