Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lucky Fools

In LuckyFools, David Ellison is going through a pretty tough high school senior year, dealing with trying to keep a relationship together, auditioning for Julliard (a performing arts college), and more problems. Life is pretty tough and things get hard for David.

Since David goes to Oak Fields Prep most kids go to Stanford University, but instead David chooses to go Julliard to fulfill his dream of acting. But his Dad just doesn’t happen to think “acting” is the best job out there.

Then David has to deal with how he feels for his girlfriend and how he feels with the new girl, and to make things worse he has a shoe to do, WITH the new girl. Meaning new girl spends more time with David than his girlfriend. 

All this is happening and David has to audition for Julliard (which involves four long monologues), plus write an essay and prepare for a Play, that he is the star of.

The main reason why I picked this book to read is because David and I share the same thing, wanting to go to Julliard for acting (and for me singing too). Plus having people around us thinking that this is not the best job out there. I wanted to find out how David coped with it and how it turned out for him. And if you want to know read the Book.

If I could recommend this book to anyone I would recommend it to people who have a dream that not everyone agrees with. This book shows that you have to work really, really, really hard to show everyone you can make, but if you don’t you’ll get over it. 

I love this book and I hope you buy it, borrow it, or whatever you do to get your hands on this book and read it.


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