Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Legacy of Tril: Soulbound

Soulbound is set in Tril, where Barrons and Healers live. Barrons are warriors, and Healers heal the Barrons injured from war against the evil King Darrek. King Darrek has an army or Graplars, huge monsters that eat people alive. Kaya is a healer and she is forced to attend Shadow Academy, a school for Healers and Barrons. Kaya doesn't want to be a Healer, unable to defend herself from the Graplars, and she will do anything to learn how to fight. That's when she meets two boys, Trayton the kind, rule-following boy she is Bound to, and the mysterious Darius who hates her. But only one of them will train her. This book is amazing! The school reminds me of Hogwarts, and something exciting is always happening.

Sophie, 13

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