Thursday, August 18, 2011


Bumped will take you into the exciting world of Harmony and Melody, twin sisters separated at birth. When harmony goes searching for her long lost twin sister Melody, it flips both of their lives upside down. They live in another time period where everybody over eighteen years of age is infertile, which would mean the end of the human race altogether. But luckily we still have teens, the only people able to continue the human race. 

You would think finding out you have a sister is great, someone to navigate through your life with, yet somehow they manage to make it more difficult for each other. Harmony comes from the good-side and lives by completely different rules than Melody. But will she forget about all the rules and run off with someone who might ruin her life, someone who is lying to her, someone she might be falling for? This book is about love, friendship, and life. I absolutely loved it and wasn’t able to put it down! 

Nora, 12

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