Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Girls Don't Die: From Bad to Cursed

From Bad to Cursed is the second book in the series (Bad Girls Don't Die was the first) and I think that it is as good, if not better, then the first. The plot twists and the clever use of the Ouija board seemed to top off the story. The characters seem to define themselves a little better as the story goes on and Alexa and Carter's relationship faces many twists and turns as the book develops. Kasey is now more cautious with herself and people are her and that really changes your perspective of how she coped with being in a mental hospital. I really enjoyed this book with all the suspense and horror, it leaves you wanting to read more. If you like romantic horror and suspense you would love this book, I would recommend this book to you but you've got to read the first book in the series!

Ameek, 13

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  1. Hi, Ameek! Thank you so much for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :-)