Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Under the Never Sky is set in a futuristic world where most people literally live in a bubble because the outside world is too dangerous and polluted. However, there are also people who live on the outside. 

This book is about how a girl named Aria, from the inside, meets a man named Perry from the outside. I felt like this plot was a good idea, a good basis, but the writing was just disorganized. The reader doesn't understand the characters. The story jumps too quickly into the action. I realize that this is a way to interest your reader in theory, but it wasn't used very well in this situation. For example, I didn't feel attachment to Aria's friend when she was killed in a fire, because I had only met her about 30 pages ago. I kept thinking, This scene sounds like the end of a book, not the beginning.

I did like the characters surrounding Perry, though, especially his nephew Talon and Talon's father. They were better thought out than the characters that lived inside the bubble.

Kira, 13

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