Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marty Maguire

Marty Maguire is about a girl named Marty, her teacher named Mrs. Aloi, a frog, and a sad play. Marty's friend Anna likes princesses, but Marty does not because they are lazy and glamorous. So Marty and Anna become enemies. One day the teacher said there was to be a play about the princess and her frog. Marty was to be the princess, so she howled and went crazy. She had an idea, so she went to the pond and got the biggest frog she could find. Then she brought the real frog and put it into the fake well for the play. Then, before she could do anything, she saw someone looking at her and made a dash back stage. She got into big trouble and got sent home for a couple of days, so she couldn't go to school. While she was home, her old friend Anna called and asked for a play date.   

I really liked this book. I suggest you read it.

Lydia, 7

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