Monday, May 21, 2012

The Vicious Deep

I disliked this book. TheVicious Deep is about Tristan, a high school lifeguard and swimmer, who discovers that he is half merman. Throughout the book Tristan, “the teenage merman,” struggles with high school relationships. He struggles with both friends and girlfriends. He has trouble keeping his closest friendship with Layla; and he is thrown into chaos with Kurt and Thalia, who were sent to guide him to winning the throne of the sea king. His mother, daughter of the sea king, sends him to the merpeople kingdom, sparking a ridiculous adventure. 

The author took mythical creatures, which might have been interesting, but pushed them to a silly extreme. For example, magical merpeople sailed into a mermaid kingdom through a waterfall on a boat with a merman who took the place of a carved figurehead at the prow and talked to the magical creatures who rode on his boat. This kind of thing did not engage me. The characters in The Vicious Deep were inconsistent and shallow. And it was hard to follow the plot because the book was disorganized. 

Jordan, 13

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