Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ladies in Waiting

In Ladies in Waiting, three young women are all ladies in waiting for King Charles’ II’s Queen, Catherine, working for a little while until they find a perfect husband. What starts off like that turns into a scandalous tale with love, gossip, and betrayal that will keep you pretty alert throughout the book. 

I thought that the plot of this book could’ve been a little more interesting. I thought the beginning was very well written but when you get to the middle it becomes less exciting. I would’ve liked it more if the author had added in a few hints or symbols to give you a tiny sense of what could happen next. I also thought that this book was a bit mature so I would suggest this book for readers 14 and up. 

If you like romance and drama then I would definitely recommend you read it because the characters are dynamic, it uses very interesting old English, and in conclusion it is an interesting book.

Sarah, 12

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