Friday, March 11, 2011

Scary School

I loved Scary School. The book is about a school that was not normal and it has humans and monsters. Scary School was hosting the Ghoul Games. There was a weird principal named Principal Headcrusher and whenever anybody did something bad, she would crush their heads. Yikes! Mrs. T is a teacher T Rex who eats people who don't follow the rules. Yikes! The story is about human kids who meet these monsters and they all end up friends. A teacher named Wolfbark wanted Scary School to only have humans in it, no monsters, so he told all of the other schools what their strategy was to win the Ghoul Games. He got discovered, and his head got crushed (yikes!), and Scary School played the Games (I won't tell the end).  

I really loved this book because it was really funny, not scary at all, and all the teachers were monsters. I am glad I don't have mean teachers. Other kids will like this book and it has great pictures.  

Leo, 7

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