Thursday, February 10, 2011

Invisible Inkling

I really loved Invisible Inkling!  It's a great story about this invisible creature named Inkling that is Hank's best friend. She is an invisible bandapat, an endangered species. She is mostly orange, with black stripes on part of her, and looks mostly like a cat, an orange cat. When Hank goes to school one morning, he runs into a bully, a boy named Gillicut. Gillicut steals Hank's sprinkles - the best part of his lunch every day - until one day when Inkling comes to school . . .. She pounces on Gillicut, grabs his pizza in her teeth and smacks him across the face-- first with the tomatoes and cheese side, then with the crust side!  The teacher Miss Cherry is going crazy blaming Hank for this mess, when he's not really doing it.  Hank can't really explain Inkling to Miss Cherry so he gets in big trouble.  The idea of an invisible creature slapping a boy with pizza is actually pretty funny!  Inkling loves squash-- another favorite scene of this book is when Hank, his mother and Inkling go to the supermarket and Inkling finds some squash.  Inkling runs up to the top of the pile of squash and grabs one of them then she runs down the pile of squash and tries to go outside.  Unfortunately, Hank's mother sees Inkling and she thinks Inkling is a rat trying to steal the squash!! She hits him with the broom several times, fortunately though, Inkling is not seriously hurt.  These two scenes are what I like best about this
book-- because I LOVE funny books.

Natalie, 7

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